Buying wooden furniture sometimes is a little bit tricky. Knowing well interior design will help us choose carefully the furniture we really need and that will help us make the room we really desire.

The first step is to make a little survey the room we will fill with furniture. Regard the wall color, width of the room, height of the ceiling, room accessories, and other things that fit the theme we choose, i.e. traditional furniture, colonial furniture, antique furniture, Mediterranean furniture, Reclaimed Furniture,  minimalism, etc.

For choosing the theme, conform it with your character or your family. A theme reflects the owner personality and the arrangement ought to be consistent. For example, if you are a busy and practice young man, sometimes you like to choose minimalism design. A classic chair won’t fit in your minimalism style room.

A big room can be filled with many kinds of furniture. There, you can divide it into some different areas. A big room gives many choices of interior design.

For a small room( 3x3m is a small room), you can choose a light and small furniture, which will give a wide effect in that room. Few furniture and a big wall object (like a painting or photo which cover all one side of the wall) also can help a small room to have a bigger feeling.

Furniture can be combined with the color of the wall. Ideally, furniture color accordance with the wall paint. If your wall color is cream, try to find furniture which has cream monochrome color or other color monotonous with the wall color.

The other important thing is choosing the furniture material. It also has to fit with the whole concept of your house.
For example, wooden furniture and rattan furniture is suitable for the house with a natural concept.